Our Business Mobile App Features & Pricing

Affordable “Business Mobile Apps” with Customer Loyalty Program Feature & Push Notification 

If you’re a business owner of a…

Google android image Unbranded

          • Restaurantmegaphone
          • Pizzeria
          • Car Wash
          • Hair, Nail or Pet Salon
          • Pet Boarding Facility
          • Any Business Having or Wanting a Customer Loyalty Program

The time has come where you can have your very own affordable mobile app branded & customized to your business!
Today, with a break through in technology coupled with my unique skills, I am able to offer Android & IOS mobile apps at a fraction of the typical costs associated with mobile apps.

In fact for less than $1200* you can have your very own “Business Mobile App” which we will brand & customize to your business. I invite you to do a Google search for “what is the typical cost for a mobile app“,  you be the judge if my rates are affordable or not!

These days more and more customers get frustrated & upset when they loose their paper loyalty punch cards!
No more lost loyalty cards with our “Paperless Loyalty Program” built right into the app – wow!
Fact: Mobile phones are carried more than wallets or purses today!

Imagine being able to send weekly notifications for discounts, specials or new product releases to every customer with you app installed… with a few clicks, directly from your desktop or mobile device! Now that’s going to bury your competition.

Contact us today for more details, information & a FREE quote on this new & exciting “Business Mobile App” program.

* Android version $1199 (single location)
iOS version $1399 (single location).
Dual app versions Android + iOS, – 10% discount applies
Multiple locations – add $150 per additional location.

Our Web Site Design & Developement Pricing

Although it is difficult to provide exact prices, here are some guidelines for website Re-Design / Face-Lifts, New Sites & E-Commerce solutions:

Pricing Guidelines

    • Re-design / fact-lifts (on existing website): $1400* – $2000*
    • New Site (no existing website)  $1800* – $3000*
    • E-Commerce Sites  $3000* – $4000* (based on number of products, product options & complexity of site)

*Additional costs as desired (applies to above types):
Graphic Design – Logo Creation
Content Generation
Image Slider Plugin w/Creative Motion Effects
Image Sliders (generally purchased from www.istock.com)
Whiteboard Animation / Video Commercials
Website Hosting (includes unlimited email accounts & protective backups)
Domain Name Purchase Assistance
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Plans
PPC (Pay Per Click) Plans
Social Media Creations (Facebook & Twitter)